Malaysia - Postcrossing

Postcard 1
5th Malaysia Postcrossing Meetup in Kuala Lumpur GPO October 9, 2017. Thanks to Matthew of Malaysia with Pos Silang (Postcrossing equivalent) stamp used.

Postcard 2
5th Malaysia Postcrossing Meetup GPO Kuala Lumpur Oct 9, 2017. Thanks to Sue of Malaysia.

Postcard 3
World Post Day 2017 - Pos Silang postcard by Pos Malaysia. I mailed this postcard from Endau Post Office, Johor and it received a Kluang cancellation.

Postcard 4
Mailbox shaped World Post Day - Pos Silang postcard by Pos Malaysia. I cancelled this postcard using First Day cancellation in Johor Bharu Post Office and Mersing Post Office in Johor on October 9, 2017.

Postcard 5
World Post Day 2017 - Pos Silang postcard by Pos Malaysia. I cancelled this postcard at both Johor Bharu and Mersing Post Offices.

Postcard 6
World Post Day 2017 - Pos Silang postcard by Pos Malaysia - cancelled at Johor Bahru GPO and Mersing Post Office, Johor.

Postcard 7
World Post Day 2017 - Pos Silang postcard by Pos Malaysia - First Day Cancellation at Johor Bahru and Mersing Post Offices.

Postcard 8 - 4th Malaysia Postcrossing Meet at Kuala Lumpur GPO
4th Malaysia Postcrossing Meet - Oct 1, 2016 at KL GPO. Thanks to Carol of Seremban, Malaysia for sending me this surprise signed postcrossing meet up postcard.

Postcard 9 - 2nd Sabah Postcrossing Meet
2nd Sabah Postcrossers Meet Up in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo Island, Malaysia. Thanks to Fadzil and all who signed this postcard.

Thanks you to Cary Wong and two other senders and all those who attended and signed these 3 postcards of Klang Valley Postcrossing Meet Up, at A&W near Amcorp Mall in Selangor, Malaysia in May, 2015.

Postcard 10 - Selangor Postcrossing Meet

Postcard 11 - Selangor Postcrossing Meet

Postcard 12 - Selangor Postcrossing Meet

Postcard 13 - Melaka 1st Postcrossing Mini Meet

1st Melaka Postcrossing Meet-Up. Thanks to Libby and Violet.

Postcard 14 - Tenom Postcrossing Meet
The first Tenom Postcrossers meet Feb 28, 2015 in Tenom, Sabah, Malaysia. Thanks to Caroline, Anny and Deffly for signing the postcard.

Postcard 15 - Sabah Postcrossing Meet 2014
Sabah Postcrossers Meet Up December 14, 2014 postcard at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Thanks to Cikgu Dale for sending and all postcrossers who signed the postcard. Arrived on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2014.

Postcard 16 - Shah Alam Mini Postcrossing Meet
Nice artistic postcard sent by Lim and Chor from Shah Alam Mini Postcrossing Meet Up on July 12, 2014. Thanks so much.

Postcard 17 - Ipoh Postcrossing Meet
Postcrossing Meet-Up at UTC, Ipoh during the Perak Stamp Exhibition on June 21, 2014. Terengganu Kristal Mosque. Thanks to Bernard Loh and all those who signed the postcard.

Postcard 18 - Ipoh Postcrossing Meet
Postcard of Iskandar Bridge of Ipoh. Nice mousedeer stamp used with signatures of postcrossers and special cancellation. Thanks to Eddie of Singapore who was visiting.

Postcard 19 - Penang Postcrossing Meet
A cool specially designed postcard for the first Postcrossing Meet Up in George Town, Penang Island on May 4, 2014. Nice horse themed stamp used. Thanks so much to Matthew of Penang, Malaysia. Text at the back of postcard has 4 different languages - Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil.

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