Vietnam - Year of Goat

Year of Goat postcard of Vietnam with Year of Goat stamp used. Thanks to Vuong of Hanoi, Vietnam. A nice addition to my collection of postcards using Year of Goat - Sheep stamps.

USA - Syracuse University, New York State

I visited Syracuse before. University of Syracuse is located in Syracuse, upstate New York. Thanks to Megan of USA who studied at Syracuse University. A great addition to my postcard collection of the world's top 200 ranked universities.

Papua New Guinea - Bird of Paradise

Red Bird of Paradise - Paradisaca rubra - thanks to Rianna of Hong Kong. A great addition to my postcard collection of Birds of Paradise.

Canada - McGill University, Quebec

Entrance to McGill University, Montreal, Quabec, Canada. Year of Goat stamp used. Thanks to Stinkypaw of Canada.

Malaysia - Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah

Universiti Utara Malaysa, UUM, located in Sintok, Kedah near the Thailand border. Thanks to PH of Selangor, Malaysia. A set of four postcards showing the fauna and flora of UUM.

Democratic Republic of Congo - Salonga National Park

Salonga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage. Herds of wild elephants. Thanks to Mike of Netherlands.

Thailand - Royal Family

Royal family of Thailand monarchy. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France who was visiting Thailand. A nice addition to my postcard collection of royalty worldwide.

Malaysia - Sultan of Johor Coronation - March 23, 2015

Matching stamps with postcards in conjunction with Johor Sultan coronation stamps issued on March 23, 2015. The postcards showed Sultan Abu Bakar and Sultan Ibrahim of Johor - notice the same royal headgear of the RM1 stamp. The last postcard has the current Sultan of Johor in the royal group photograph postcard. Enjoy viewing.

Postcard 1  
Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor

Postcard 2 
Sultan Ibrahim of Johor

Postcard 3
Group photo 2011 with current Sultan of Johor, seating 5th from left.

Myanmar - U Bein Bridge, Mandalay

U Bein Bridge is a crossing that spans the Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura in Myanmar. The 1.2-kilometre (0.75 mi) bridge was built around 1850 and is believed to be the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world. Thanks to Fadli of Malaysia who visited Mandalay and saw the sunrise and sunset at U Bein Bridge, Mandalay.

Guernsey - Year of Goat

Castle Cornet, Guernsey mailed using Year of the Goat 2015 stamp. Thanks to Kathy of Guernsey.

United Nations - UN Geneva

Finally, I received UN Geneva postcard mailed from UN Geneva using UN stamp. Thanks so muchto Col. Akhil of India who was visiting Geneva, Switzerland.

Singapore - Lightning

Lightning across the sky over downtown Singapore. I bought this postcard in Singapore on March, 2015. A great addition to my lightning themed postcard around the world.

ASIA - Malaysia - Indonesia - Malayan Gharial - False Gharial - Singapore Zoo

False Gharial Tomistoma schlegelii or known as Malayan Gharial or Sunda Gharial is found in Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and Sumatra. I bought this postcard in Singapore Zoo on March, 2015. A great addition to my crocodile postcard collection worldwide.

Tapir - Singapore Zoo

I bought this tapir postcard at Singapore Day Zoo on March 2015. A great addition to my tapir postcard collection.

Greenland - Nuurk - Capital

Nuurk is the capital of Greenland. Thanks to Hana.