Lithuania - Puppet

A great addition to my puppet postcard collection. This is actually a card but sent as a postcard. Think Green stamp used. Thanks to Ieva of Lithuania.

Shared Islands - Usedom - Germany - Poland

Usedom Island is shared by Germany and Poland. I have received this postcard from Germany. Looking for a postcard of Usedom Island mailed from Poland, anyone can help - thanks.

USA - Helicopter - Washington DC - Bell UH-1 Iroqouis Huey

USA  Army Huey helicopter. A great addition to my postcard collection of helicopter. Cool Medal of Honor stamps used. Thanks to Van of USA.

Twins - USA - Chicago Buckingham Fountain

I received two similar postcard from Van of USA - double delight. Different stamps used. Sometimes we forget if we have already sent a postcard to someone. That's life.

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Twins - Greetings from Tajikistan

Greetings from Tajikistan from Postallove series. Interesting postal history of these two postcards.

Postcard 1
This is a resend by Halim of Tajikistan. The first postcard was lost in the mail. Thanks Halim.


Postcard 2
I sent this blank postcard inside an envelope to Matthew who was staying in Tajikistan and he mailed it back to me, written stamped. This postcard travelled from Poland to Indonesia to Malaysia to Tajikistan and back to Malaysia.

Azores - Reflection - my 10th postcard

Teen on top of loggerhead turtle. Yippee... This is my 10th written stamped postcard mailed from Azores. Thanks to Lara of Belgium.

Azores - Sao Miguel

Sao Miguel, Azores. Thanks to Lara of Belgium who visited Azores.

Azores - Farmer

Rural life in Ponta Delgada. Thanks to Lara of Belgium.

Maidera - Market

Market scene in Madeira. Thanks to Aerling from Estonia.

Tajikistan - Greetings from postcard - 2nd postcard

A second postcard of Greetings from Tajikistan. Thanks to Halim for resending after the first postcard was lost in mail.

Bangladesh - Fisherman

Fisherman casting net with during sunset. Thanks to Morghed of Bangladesh.

French Polynesia - Year of Monkey

Tahiti, French Polynesia with Year of Monkey stamp and great monkey cancellation. Thanks of Jean-Pierre of France.

Mexico - Museo Nacional de Antropogia

Aztec Calendar in Mexico National Museum of Anthropology. Thanks to Martha of Mexico.

Yale - Pierson Residential College

Pierson Resident College, Yale College is located next to Davenport College. Thanks to Yale Alumni Fund.

Macao - Year of Monkey

Holy House of Mercy, Macau. Year of Monkey stamp used. Thanks to Phoebe of Hong Kong who visited Macau.