Sao Tome and Principe - Sao Nicolau Waterfalls

Cascata de S. Nicolau in Sao Tome and Principe. Thanks to Eduardo for mailing from Sao Tome and Principe on August 2, 2019 and arrived in Penang on Aug 20, 2019.

Serbia - Serbian Patriarchate of Peć

Serbian Patriarchate of Peć - maxicard . Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France who visited Serbia.

Netherland - Three Princesses

HRH Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane are the daughters of King WIllem Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. Thanks to Rick of Netherlands.

Russia - Dandelion Fountain, Saransk

Dandelion Fountain in Saransk the capital of Republic of Mordovia, Russia. Thanks to Jachenka of Russia for mailing from Saransk, Russia.

Japan - Mount Fuji - Bullet Train

Two icons of Japan - snow capped Mount Fuji and the speeding bullet train. Thanks to Akiko of Japan.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to YL who visited this beautiful waterfalls. Mailed on July 31, 2019 and arrived in Penang Island on August 21, 2019.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - HP Mostar - Mostar Bridge - Rebuilding

Rebuilding of Mostar Bridge after it was blown apart during the civil war. Thanks to YL who mailed from Saravejo, Bosnia and Herzegovina using HP Mostar postage.

Serbia - Country Map

Colorful country map of Serbia. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France who mailed from Serbia on July 25, 2019 and arrived in Penang Island on August 20, 2019.

United States America - Kansas - City of Fountains, Kansas City

Kansas City, City of Fountains of Kansas, USA. Thanks to Van of USA.

Malaysia - Conservation of Wild Life

The first set of maxicards was designed for sale that I bought. The second set was created based on Malaysia elephant postcard that I bought at Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary that I visited, the sun bear postcard is a Thailand National Park postcard that I bought in Thailand and the pangolin postcard is the one that I bought in Singapore Zoo. While the first set is more professionally done, the second set is more personal for my collection as I created them, even though not perfect maxicards.

Malaysia - 16th New King of Malaysia

Sultan of Pahang is installated as the 16th King of Malaysia. Bought this set of maxicards cancelled in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and Kuantan, the state capital of Pahang.

Guernsey - Alderney - Flags of the World

Flags of the World of Alderney with Alderney stamp. Thanks to Nathanial for arranging this mailing from Alderney, Guernsey.

Cambodia - Flags of the World

Flags of the World of Cambodia. Thanks to Ruedi of Switzerland who visited Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Togo - Lome

Lome is the largest city and capital of Togo. Thanks to Boyana of California, USA for mailing when visiting Togo.

Lesotho - The Basotho Hat

The Basoto Hat is a visitor and shopping center in Maseru, Lesotho. Thanks to Bruce of South Africa who visited Lesotho.

Gibraltar - Flags of the World - Second postcard

Flags of the World of Gibraltar. This is my second postcard of this same series reeived from Gibratlar. Thanks to Anna.

Cook Islands - Traditional Dance

Traditional dance by children in Tamariki, Rarotanga, Cook Islands. Thanks to Azzi of Australia who visited Cook Islands.

Peru - Girls Traditional Costume, Cuzco

Girls with typical traditional costumes in Cuzco, Peru. Thanks to Anthony who visited Cuzco.

Vietnam - Cu Ci Tunnels - Black and White

I visitd Cu Ci Tunnels outside Saigon before. Amazing narrow deep tunnels built by Viet Cong in their guerilla fight. Thanks to John of Penang who visited these tunnels and mailed me these two black and white postcards.

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Trinidad and Tobago - Flags of the World

Flags of the World of Trinidad and Tobago. Thanks to Nibrena of Trinidad and Tobago. Leave shaped stamp used. Received in August 2019.

Trinidad and Tobago - Anglican Bishop's Residence

Anglican Bishop's Residence, also called Hayes Court. Typical French and English style built in 1910. Thanks to Nibrena of Trinidad and Tobago with leaf shaped stamp used.

Sint Maarten - Flags of the World

Flags of the World Of Sint Marteen. Thanks to Marie of Canada for this wonderful postcard mailed from Sint Marteen - the Dutch side of this Caribbean island.