Senegal - Karabane

Karabane or Carabane is an island village in the south west of Senegal. Thanks to Holger of Belgium who visited Senegal.

Greetings from Vietnam - Postallove Series

Greetings from Vietnam. Thanks to Trang of Vietnam.

Malaysia Stamp - Traditional Dance Series II - Feb 3, 2015

Traditional Dance and Malaysia ethnic costume themed postcards with matching traditional dance stamps. Created for my own collection.

Liechtenstein - Year of Monkey

Greetings from Liechtnstein (Postallove) postcard mailed using Year of Monkey stamp. Thanks to Ruedi of Switzerland f or mailing from Vaduz, Liechtenstein.

Greetings from Croatia - Postallove Series

Greetings from Croatia. Thanks to Agata of Croatia.

Greetings rom Barbados - Postallove Series

Greetings from Barbados. Thanks to Jon of Barbados.

USA - Texas - Lightning Over Tucson

I visited Tucson and was told that the giant Saguaro cacti are like lightning rods in the open desert. Thanks to Arnold of USA for this awesome lightning over Tucson postcard.

Singapore - Year of Monkey

Long tailed Macaque monkeys are found in forested areas of Singapore. Year of Monkey stamp used. Thanks to KJ of Singapore.

Japan - Year of Monkey

Postcard 1
Snow monkey in hot spring with matching snow monkey stamp and Year of Monkey stamp. Thanks to Chie of Japan.

Postcard 2
2016 New Year postcard - Shinnen omedetou gozaimashita. Year of Monkey stamps used with special cancellation. Thanks to Fumie of Japan.

Taiwan - Year Of Monkey

Postcard 1
Postal Monkey postcard. Thanks to AT for mailing from Taiwan.

Postcard 2
Taiwan - Year of Monkey 2016. Thanks to Shu-I of Taiwan.

Postcard 3
A different maxicard of Taiwan Year of Monkey. Thanks to Chi of Taiwan.

Saint Barthelemy - Multi-view

An extra long multi-view postcard of Saint Barthelemy which uses French postage. Thanks to Van of USA who travelled to St. Barth.

United Kingdom - Year of Monkey

Guy Fawkes Firework Festival with 1st postage stamp showing the Year of Monkey. Thanks to Anu of UK.

United Kingdom - Greenwich - Rainbow

Rainbow over Greenwich Observatory with a match stamp. Thanks to Ruth of USA.

Thailand - Thai Alphabet

Thai alphabets - consonant list - written script. There are 44 common Thai consonants. Bought this postcard in post office in Thailand.

Sri Lanka - Map

Sri Lanka Island Map. Thanks to Ravindra from Sri Lanka.