Malaysia 57th Independence Celebration 1957-2014 - August 31, 2014 Stamp Issue

To commemorate this Malaysia 57th Independence Celebration when Malaya achieved independence from the British on August 31, 1957, I created these postcard and stamp matching combination. Enjoy viewing.

Postcard 1
National Monument, Kuala Lumpur.

Postcard 2
Pos Malaysia postcard accompanying this stamp issue.

Saudi Arabia - My 10th Postcard - Jeddah

House of Nasif in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This is my 10th written stamped postcard mailed from Saudi Arabia. Thanks so much.

Tunisia - Tunis

One of the terraces in the Medina of Tunis. Thanks to Riad of Tunisia.

Madeira - Eagle's Rock

The Eagle's Rock and Porto de Cruz as seen from Portela. Postmarked in FUNCHAL, Madeira on July 24, 2014 and arrived in Penang island on August 26, 2014. Thanks to Sofia of United Kingdom.

Brunei - Rafflesia

The top left picture shows Rafflesia pricei - a great addition to my postcard ocllection of Rafflesia. The other flowers are pitcher plant, wild ginger and wild orchid. Nice stamps of flower and butterfly used. Thanks to Saedah of Brunei.

Brazil - 2014 FIFA World Cup

I enjoyed watching the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup live on television though the time zone difference is most challenging. Thanks to Gisely of Brazil for mailing me these 3 wonderful Brazil FIFA World Cup postcards with FIFA WC stamps. Postcards were postmarked July 1, 2014 and arrived in Penang island on August 25, 2014. Obrigado.

Postcard 1
Sao Paolo is the site for the Opening Game.

Postcard 2
Brasilia the capital of Brazil is one of the many sites for the exciting games.

Postcard 3
Belo Horizonte is another stadium site.

United Kingdom - Trafalgar Square Fountains

Night view of Trafalgar Square Fountains, London - a great additon to my postcard collection of fountains. Nice Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games stamp used. Thanks to Fiona of UK.

French Guiana - Waterfalls

Waterfalls in tropical French Guiana or Guyane. Thanks to Jo of UK who was visiting there.

Yale Univeristy - Multi-View

Cross Campus with Sterling Memorial Library, Woosley Hall and Harkness Tower in Yale University. Thanks to Christa for mailing from Hartford, CT, USA on August 6, 2014 and arrived in Penang island on August 19, 2014. A great addition to my postcard collection of Yale.

United Kingdom - The Shard - 304 m

The Shard of London is 87 storey and open in 2012, overlooking the Thames. Thanks to YL and family for sending me these two wonderful postcards from London, UK. A great addition to my postcard collection of world's skyscrappers.

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

United States - Washington University in St.Louis

Brookings Hall is the administration building of Washington Universityin St. Louis, Missouri. Thanks to Kristen of Saint Louis, USA.

Jordan - My 10th Postcard - Jerash

Yippee... this is my 10th written stamped postcard mailed from Jordan. It is the Temple of Artemis, Jerash, Jordan. Thanks to YL for sending from Jordan.

United Kingdom - Royalty - William, Catherine and George

A family photo of Prince William, Princess Catherine and baby Prince George. Thanks to YL family for sending from London, UK.

United Kingdom - Oxford University - Map

Map of Oxford University, England. Oxford is one of the oldest and most famous universities worldwide. Thanks to YL and family who were visiting Oxford University.

Japan - Crane Maxicard

Maxicard of crane, Japan. Thanks to Akiko of Japan.