Greetings from USA - Postallove Series

Greetings from USA. Thanks to Arnold of USA.

Doubles - Palestine - Khan Younes Castle, Gaza

I was so happy to received my first Gaza postcard mailed from Gaza, Palestine. Thanks to Bahjat of Gaza, Palestine. Then a few days later, I received the same postcard from Bahjat but using a different stamp. It must be a mistake but still I am glad that I got two postcards with different stamps. An addition to my collection of twins.

Doubles - Singapore Fruit Postcard

I have been looking for this Singapore fruit postcard for awhile to add to my Southeast Asia tropical fruit postcard collection. What a coincidence today, January 28, 2015 to received at the same time two of the same postcard from two different persons and both postcards were mailed from Singapore on the same day January 16, 2015. It is a twin delight.

Postcard 1
Thanks to Esther of Singapore.

Postcard 2
Thanks to Loh of Singapore.

Singapore - Year of Goat

Fruit postcard of Singapore mailed using 2015 Year of Goat stamp. Thanks to Loh of Singapore.

Unusual Card - Xinjiang Map Postcard

An odd shaped postcard showing the map of Xinjiang, China. Thanks to Wang of China.

Palestine - Khan Younes Castle, Gaza - My 10th postcard

Yippee... this is my 10th written stamped postcard mailed from Palestine. It is Khan Younes Castle in Khan Younes, located 30km south of Gaza city. Thanks so much to Bahjat of Gaza, Palestine.

Curacao - Island Map

Cool island map and mutli-view postcard of Curacao. Nice Curacao stamp used. Mailed in December 30, 2014 and arrived in Penang island on January 27, 2015. Thanks so much to Jan of Czech Republic.

Tunisia - Sousse - Medina

A nice multi-view of Sousse - a UNESCO World Heritage site in Tunisia. Thanks to Helena who was visiting Tunisia.

Greetings from Sweden - Postallove Series

Greetings from Sweden. Thanks to Jarmo of Sweden.

Russia - Russian Clothes - Multiple

Russian clothes. Thanks to Olga of Moscow, Russia.

Germany - National Gallery, Berlin

A black and white postcard of the National Gallery (Nationalgalerie) of Berlin, Germany. Thanks to Paul of Germany.

Egypt - Step Pyramid of Zoser, Saqqara - January 1, 2015

This amazing postcard from Zoser, Egypt is mailed and cancelled on January 1, 2015. The postcard arrives in Penang island on January 20, 2015. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France who was in Giza.

Malaysia - Sabah State Museum, Kota Kinabalu

Postcard 1
Three buildings of unique design of Sabah State Museum, Kota Kinabalu. Thanks to Cikgu Dale of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. A great addition to my postcard collection of museums worldwide.

Postcard 2
The roof of the main buildings resembles the long house of Rungus-Murut. The other two represents the traditional food cover of the Bajau and local hat "seruang". Thanks again to Cikgu Dale for sending this nice aerial view postcard.

Germany - Hibiscus Modern Cultivars

"Blue Bird", "Woodbridge", "Dorothy Crane", "Hamabo" are four modern cultivars of Hibiscus syriacus. Thanks to Silviat of Germany. A nice addition to my postcard collection of hibiscus flowers.

Palestine - Bethlehem

View of Bethlehem with Bethlehem Hills in the background. A nice postcard by Palestine Post. Thanks Bahjat of Gaza, Palestine.