Kenya - Safari - My 10th Postcard

Yippee - my 10th written stamped postcard mailed from Kenya. Thanks to Lara. Another milestone in my collection.

North Korea - Stadium

Stadium in Pyongyang. Mailed using panda stamps from DPRK.

North Korea - Traditional Costume

Traditional Costume. Sent from Pyongyang by DPRK pavilion exhibitor.

USA - Virginia - Portsmouth Lighthouse

Portsmouth Lighthouse, Vigrinia. Thanks to Vans of USA.

Greetings from Mexico - Postallove Series

Greetings from Mexico. Thanks to Lando from Mexico.

Saint Helena - Jonathan the Tortoise

Jonathan is the iconic tortoise if Saint Helana. Thanks to Jessi of Saint Helena.

Greetings from India - Postallove Series

Greetings from India. Thanks to Vish of India.

Guantanamo Bay - Greetings from

Greetings from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba postcard mailed from FPO AE 09593. Thanks to Van of USA.

Benin - Pendjari National Park

Lions of Pendjari National Park in Benin. Thanks to Johanna of Germany.

Benin - Slave Route

Slave route in Benin. Thanks to Johanna of Germany.

Greetings from Brazil - Postallove Series

Greetings from Brazil. Thanks to Carla of Brazil.

Greetings from Norway - Postallove Series

Greetings from Norway. Thanks to Tone of Norway.

Tajikistan - Tajik National Park

Tajik National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage. The postcard was missent to Jakarta, Indonesia. Thanks to Halim of Tajikistan.

Honduras - Garifuna Dancers

Honduras - Garifuna Dancers. Thanks to Marco.