Taiwan - Rice

Rice (Mi in Chinese) with a cat in the bottom left corner postcard. A great addition to my rice cultivation postcard collection worldwide.

Russia - Stamp Pictorial of Moscow

Nice postcard of Moscow views in stamp format.

Russian - Kamkatcha - Sunset

Sunset in Kamkatcha, Russia. A great addition to my sunrise-sunset postcard collection.

New Zealand - Moon

Rising moon in the sky over Auckland skyscappers. Thanks to Susan of New Zealand. Great addition to my moon in the sky postcard collection.

Mexico - Volcano near Mexico City

A snow capped towering volcano over Mexico City skyline. Thanks to CG for mailing from Mexico City.

Indonesia - Tea Plantation in Bandung

Tea picking in Bandung, Java, Indonesia. Joint Indonesia-Thailand stamps used. Thanks to Shinta of Java, Indonesia.

Greece - Museum

Great museum postcard of Greek antiquity. Thanks to Arnold of USA for mailing from Greece.

Greece - Flag

Flag of Greece. Thanks to Arnold of USA for mailing from Greece.

Dominican Republic - Sunset

Nice Dominican Republican sunset postcard. Thanks to Valery of Dominican Republic. A great addition to my sunrise-sunset postcard collection of different time zones around the world.

USA - Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

Thanks to Van of USA.

Philippines - Cebu City Chinatown

Cebu City Taoist temples, Philippines.

Portugal - Lagos Virtual Tourist Meet

Thanks to DAO of UK and all attendees who signed at the back of the postcard for this Virtual Tourist Meet in Portugal.

Tree Blossom - Japan

Netherlands - Postcrossing

Postcrossing Meet postcard from Netherlands. Thank you.

Joint Indonesia-Thailand Stamp

Postcard 1 - Thailand
I watched the Fantasea performance in Phuket, Thailand. Bought this Fantasea postcard in the souvenir stall there and used this joint Indonesia-Thailand stamp bought at the Phuket Philatelic Museum and cancelled at Patong Main Post Office - June 2016.

Postcard 2 - Indonesia
Tea plantation postcard with Joint Indonesia-Thailand stamp s used. Thanks to Shinta of Indonesia.