Tunisia - Mahdia

Mahdia is a coastal city of Tunisia. Thanks to Rached of Tunisia.

UTC+01:00 EUROPE - Italy - Sunrise Sunset

Sunset over the canals in Venice, Italy. Thanks to Gioda of Italy.

Canada - McGill University

A vintage reprint postcard of the Main Gates of McGill University in Montreal, Canada. It is one of the top universities in Canada and the world. Thanks to Stinkypaw of Montreal, Canada.

Malaysia - Malayan Butterflies - 1882

Nice reprint of a collection of Malayan Butterflies in 1882. As I used to catch and mount butterfly into frames as hobby,  this is a really cool butterfly postcard for me. It is printed by Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia. Thanks to Syamirul of Putrajaya. I provided the butterfly stamp. A great addition to my butterfly postcard collection.

Joint Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Hong Kong, China Local Food Stamp Oct 9, 2014 Issue - Matching stamp-postcard

The sale of stamps by Pos Malaysia was delayed to October 17, 2014. Here are some matching postcard-stamp-cancellation that I created for this issue for my own collection.

Postcard 1 - Malaysia - Satay

Postcard 2 - Hong Kong - Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Postcard 3 - Malaysia Satay

Postcard 4 - Malaysia Nasi Lemak

Postcard 5 - Malaysia Must Try Foods

Malaysia - Royalty

A extra long postcard of showing the newly installed King of Malaysia with the sultans of 9 states, the Chief Ministers and Menteri Besar of Penang, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak and the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. Thanks to Shalizah of Malaysia.

Christmas Island - Local Welcome

Local crabs welcoming with open arms (claws) from awesome Christmas Island. Thanks to Christmas Island Tourism Association. Please visit Christmas Island if you have the opportunity.

Tonga - Philatelic Souvenir Postcard

A Philatelic Souvenir postcard of Tonga. Nice Tonga stamp of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. Thanks to Arnold of USA.

Hotels - Hong Kong - Disney's Hollywood Hotel

Disney's Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong. Thanks to Shinta of Indonesia who stayed at this hotel.

Australia - Southern Lights at Coles Bay, Tasmania

A maxicard of Southern Lights at Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia. A great addition to my collection of aurora postcards in the northern and southern hemisphere. Thanks to Denny of Australia.

China - Shadow Play

An extra large postcard showing Chinese Shadow Play. A great addition to my puppet collection. Thanks to CL of Shenyang, China.

Azerbaijan - Baku

Old and modern architecture of Baku, Azerbaijan. Thanks to Patrick and Sisko.

Jordan - Camel

Jordan camel. Thanks to Tomoki-san of Japan who was visiting Jordan. Starting my new theme of camel postcards worldwide.

Liechtenstein - Year of the Horse

A square size postcard of horses mailed from Leichtenstein using Year of Horse stamp. Thanks to Ruedi of Switzerland.

UTC+02:00 EUROPE - Poland - Sunrise Sunset

Sunset at the Baltic Sea, Poland. Thanks to Eunice of Poland.