Guinea - Statue of Baga Tribe

Statue representing a woman of the Baga tribe, Guinea. Thanks to Madeleine for mailing this wonderful postcard from Guinea, West Africa.

China - Canton Tower, Guangzhou

Nice multiple postcard of Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China. Thanks to JJ of China.

India - Moon

Full moon over the shimmering salt desert in the Rann of Kutch, India. Thanks to Sumit of India.

Ghana- Kakum National Park

Canopy walkways at Kakum National Park, in central region of Ghana. Thanks to Kim for requesting Akwaaba to send to me.

Italy - Faro di Lingua - Salina, Sicily

Lighthouse in Salina, Sicily - Faro di Lingua. A great addition to my lighthouse postcard collection. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France.

UTC+03:00 MIDDLE EAST - Bahrain - Sunrise Sunset

Sunset at Sh. ISa, Manama-Muharraq Bridge, Bahrain. Thanks to Edwin for mailing from Bahrain.

Hotels - USA - Loews Miami Beach Hotel, Florida

Loews Miami Beach Hotel at Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida. Thanks to YL for this wonderful hotel postcard. It has inspired to compile and collect a new theme under hotels. So if you are staying at a hotel, checked the drawer if there is a free hotel postcard and please send it to me.

Bridges - France - Chenonceau Bridge

An amazing "bridge" over water of Chenonceau, France. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France.

China - Country Map

Map of China showing all the provinces and autonomous regions. Thanks to Jarod of China.

Guernsey - Fisherman's Quay

Multi-view showing Fisherman's Quay, Victoria Marina, St. Peter Port of Guernsey. Thanks to Andrea of Austria who was visiting Guernsey.

UTC+07:00 ASIA - Indonesia - West Kalimantan - Sunset

Sunset at Badau, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Nice children themed stamps and stickers on the postcard. Thanks to Shinta of Indonesia.

UTC+08:00 ASIA - Indonesia - Bali - Sunset

Sunset over Tanah Lot Temple in Bali with exciting kecak dance performance. A beautiful stamp set of Indonesia female personalities used. Thanks to Shinta of Indonesia.

UTC+08:00 ASIA - Indonesia - Lombok - Sunrise over Mount Rinjani

Sunrise over Mount Rinani on Lombok island, seen from Gili Meno Island, Indonesia. What an amazing set of beautiful flora and fauna stamps used. Thanks so much to Shinta of Indonesia.

UTC+08:00 ASIA - Malaysia - Sabah - Sunrise over Mount Kinabalu

Sunrise over Mount Kinabalu, Sabah with Summit Peak, Low's Peak and Summit Plateau. Nice cancellation of Limbang, Sarawak. Thanks to Isabella of Sarawak.

Malaysia - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia - The National University of Malaysia

Two great postcards of Universit Kebangsaan Malaysia,  Bangi, Selangor. Thanks to SH who is studying at UKM.

Postcard 1
Dewan Canselor Tun Abdul Razak, UKM.

Postcard 2
The Mace. Museum of Academic Hertiage, UKM, Bangi.