Malaysia - Malayan Butterflies - 1882

Nice reprint of a collection of Malayan Butterflies in 1882. As I used to catch and mount butterfly into frames as hobby,  this is a really cool butterfly postcard for me. It is printed by Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia. Thanks to Syamirul of Putrajaya. I provided the butterfly stamp. A great addition to my butterfly postcard collection.

Joint Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Hong Kong, China Local Food Stamp Oct 9, 2014 Issue - Matching stamp-postcard

The sale of stamps by Pos Malaysia was delayed to October 17, 2014. Here are some matching postcard-stamp-cancellation that I created for this issue for my own collection.

Postcard 1 - Malaysia - Satay

Postcard 2 - Hong Kong - Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Postcard 3 - Malaysia Satay

Postcard 4 - Malaysia Nasi Lemak

Postcard 5 - Malaysia Must Try Foods

Malaysia - Royalty

A extra long postcard of showing the newly installed King of Malaysia with the sultans of 9 states, the Chief Ministers and Menteri Besar of Penang, Melaka, Sabah and Sarawak and the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. Thanks to Shalizah of Malaysia.

Christmas Island - Local Welcome

Local crabs welcoming with open arms (claws) from awesome Christmas Island. Thanks to Christmas Island Tourism Association. Please visit Christmas Island if you have the opportunity.

Tonga - Philatelic Souvenir Postcard

A Philatelic Souvenir postcard of Tonga. Nice Tonga stamp of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. Thanks to Arnold of USA.

Hotels - Hong Kong - Disney's Hollywood Hotel

Disney's Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong. Thanks to Shinta of Indonesia who stayed at this hotel.

Australia - Southern Lights at Coles Bay, Tasmania

A maxicard of Southern Lights at Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia. A great addition to my collection of aurora postcards in the northern and southern hemisphere. Thanks to Denny of Australia.

China - Shadow Play

An extra large postcard showing Chinese Shadow Play. A great addition to my puppet collection. Thanks to CL of Shenyang, China.

Azerbaijan - Baku

Old and modern architecture of Baku, Azerbaijan. Thanks to Patrick and Sisko.

Jordan - Camel

Jordan camel. Thanks to Tomoki-san of Japan who was visiting Jordan. Starting my new theme of camel postcards worldwide.

Liechtenstein - Year of the Horse

A square size postcard of horses mailed from Leichtenstein using Year of Horse stamp. Thanks to Ruedi of Switzerland.

UTC+02:00 EUROPE - Poland - Sunrise Sunset

Sunset at the Baltic Sea, Poland. Thanks to Eunice of Poland.

Guinea - Statue of Baga Tribe

Statue representing a woman of the Baga tribe, Guinea. Thanks to Madeleine for mailing this wonderful postcard from Guinea, West Africa.

China - Canton Tower, Guangzhou

Nice multiple postcard of Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China. Thanks to JJ of China.

Ghana- Kakum National Park

Canopy walkways at Kakum National Park, in central region of Ghana. Thanks to Kim for requesting Akwaaba to send to me.