Poland - Postcrossing Stamp

A Baltic Spa Aparhotel postcard with a Poland postcrossing stamp. Thanks to Pawet and Nikola of Poland. The stamp is slightly torn but I like this postcrossing stamp. If someone in Poland can send me a postcard with this nice stamp, that will be great, please contact me.

United Arab Emirates - Icons of UAE

Icons of United Arab Emirates. I bought this postcard from Singapore and I mailed it from Malaysia to India for Piyali of India who mailed it back to me from United Arab Emirates. Thank you Piyali. The nice stamp did not get a postal cancellation but this postcard has truly travelled a long journey and reached me safely and that is great!

USA - California - Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

I have driven across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco a few times - awesome beautiful reddish orange bridge. Nice view with ships and boats passing below the bridge. Thanks to Van of Virginia, USA for mailing from San Francisco, USA with a United Coast Guard stamp of a sailing ship and helicopter.

USA- San Francisco Airport (SFO)

I have used the San Francisco Airport a few times over the years. Thanks to Van of Virginia, USA for mailing from San Francisco, California. A nice addition to my postcard collection of airports worldwide.

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur - Petronas Twin Towers

A different view of Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to Gani of Johor, Malaysia.

Malaysia - Malaysia Flag

Celebrating Malaysia Day 2017. New stamp issued. Thanks to Jaque of Kulim, Malaysia.

Sudan - National Museum, Khartoum

National Museum, Khartoum, Sudan. Thanks to Ashraf of Qatar for mailing this postcard from Sudan. It was postmarked August 2, 2017 and arrived in Penang island on September 14, 2017.

Sudan - Khalwa - Traditional School

Khalwa is the traditional school in Sudan to teach Holy Quran and the sciences. Thanks to Ashraf of Qatar for mailing from Sudan.

Malawi - Flags of the World

Flags of the World of Malawi. Thanks to Mike of Netherlands for arranging this mailing from Malawi.

Singapore - Raffles Hotel - 150th Straits Settlements Stamp Issue

Raffles Hotel was named after Sir Stamford Raffles - the founder of modern Singapore. Singapore became part of Straits Settlements with Penang and Malacca (Melaka). Thanks to Loh of Singapore for mailing this postcard with these stamps from Singapore General Post Office with First Day Cover cancellation. Double cancellation with mailing cancellation.

Singapore - Old Singapore and Raffles Hotel

Postcard 1
Vintage reprint postcard of Borneo Wharf, Singapore, circa 1870s. Singapore was part of the Straits Settlements together with Penang and Malacca. I cancelled this postcard at Penang General Post Office.

Postcard 2
Raffles Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Singapore was named after the founder of Singapore - Sir Stamford Raffles. Stamford Raffles was also briefly in charge of Malacca when Netherlands
was occupied by the French during the Napoleanic War in Europe.

Malaysia - Melaka - Old Malacca

Postcard 1
Reprint postcard of old Malacca River with junk boat. Thanks to Chung for helping me to mail this postcard back to me from Melaka with First Day Cover cancellation. There is a double cancellation of Pos Malaysia Melaka.

Postcard 2
Flag Staff and Fortress, Malacca circa 1900 with St Paul Church on Residency Hill. I cancelled this postcard at Penang General Post Office for this 150 Years Straits Settlements stamp issue - provisional issue stamps.

Malaysia - Perak - Dinding

In the Pangkor Treaty signed in 1874, the Sultan of Perak ceded Dinding (include Pangkor Island, Sitiwan, Lumut) to the British. Dinding joined the Straits Settlements until it was returned to Perak at a later date. I visited the post offices of Lumut, Sitiawan and Pangkor Island to get these three postal cancellations.

Malaysia - Penang - Seberang Perai

Postcard 1
Seberang Perai or Province Wellesley was the mainland region opposite Penang Island ceded by Sultan of Kedah after a loss to a brief war to the British. Province Wellesley was part of the Straits Settlements. I cancel this postcard at the post offices of Seberang Perai (Butterworth, Taman Chai Leng of Perai, Bukit Mertajam).

Postcard 2
Vintage view from Bagan Dalam, Sungai Perai. The main post office of Butterworth where I cancel this postcard is now located in Bagan Dalam.

Malaysia - Penang - Old Penang

Postcard 1
Reprinted postcard showing Panorama of Penang, Landing (Pier), Post Office, Beach Street. Penang was part of the Straits Settlements.

Postcard 2
Vintage reprint of Penang - Harbour of Government Office.

Postcard 3
Comparison of old view circa 1900 versus recent view 2003 of George Town, Penang island.

Malaysia - Penang - Queen Victoria Clock Tower

Postcard 1
This iconic Clock Tower was erected by local tycoon Cheah Chen Eok in 1897 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The first Straits Settlements and the first stamp for Penang was issued in 1867 with Queen Victoria head. This postcard was reprinted with embossment by Penang Philatelic Society for Penang Heritage Philatelic Exhibition 2009. I bought it at this exhibition held at Penang State Museum.

Postcard 2
The height of this Clock Tower is 60 feet high to commemorate the 60th year anniversary of Queen Victoria's reign.

Malaysia - Penang - Old General Post Office

The old Post Office at Weld Quay, George Town, Penang island. The building was destroyed by Allied bombs at the end of World War 2.

Malaysia - Penang - Captain Francis Light

Postcard 1
Captain Francis of East India Company founded Prince of Wales Island (Penang Island) as a free port in 1786 - getting the island ceded from the Sultan of Kedah with a promise to protect Kedah from future invasion from the Kingdom of Siam. In 1856, Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Dinding formed the Straits Settlements.

Postcard 2
Statute of Captain Francis Light - located at the Fort Cornwallis with Queen Victoria clock tower in the background.

Postcard 3
Statue of Captain Francis Light was formerly located at the front of Penang State Museum.