Postcrossing - Malaysia - Klang Valley Meet Up @ A&W - Amcorp Mally May 17, 2015

Thanks you to Cary Wong and two other senders and all those who attended and signed these 3 postcards of Klang Valley Postcrossing Meet Up, Selangor, Malaysia in May, 2015.

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Postcard 3

USA - Ohio - Lightning

Entitled "Heaven on Earth" - an awesome lightning postcard of Ohio, USA. A cool addition to my lightning postcard collection. Thanks to Van of USA.

USA - Coast Guard Helicopter

USA Coast Guard helicopter. A nice addition to my helicopter postcard collection. Thanks to Van of USA.

SIngapore - Changi Airport

I flew on Silk Air into Terminal 2 before transfering to Singapore Airlines departing Terminal 3. Bought this postcard in April 2015 and mailed it from Terminal 2 transit mailbox.

Austria - Salzburg - Makartsteg Pedestrian Bridge

I visited Salzburg in April 2015 and mailed this postcard to myself. I walked over this modern pedestrian bridge, Makartsteg named after a famous local 19th century artist Hans Makart. A great addition to my pedestrian bridge postcard collection worldwide.

Botswana - National Parks

National parks in Botswana - Makgadikgadi, Kgalagadi, Tuli, Okavango, Chobe. Thanks to KC for mailing from Botswana.

French Polynesia - Maiao Island - Year of Goat

Aerial view of Maiao Island sent using Year of Goat stamp with nice cancellations. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France.

Azerbaijan - Old City of Baku

Old City of Baku, Azerbaijan. Thanks to Kate of Russia.

Saint Kitts and Nevis - Jessup Bay, Nevis

Jessup Bay in Nevis Island of St Kitts and Nevis. Both St Kitts stamp and Nevis stamp used. Thanks so much to Eric of USA.

United Nations - Vienna Austria - My 10th postcard

View of Vienna International Centre along Danube River. Thanks to Patrik for mailing from UN Vienna.

Guinea - Catholic Church, Kissidougou - My 10th postcard

Yes, this is my 10th written stamped postcard from Guinea. It is a Catholic Church in Kissdougou. Thanks to Madeliene who is leaving Guinea soon for sending all these wonderful postcards from Guinea over the years including from neighboring West African countries. Meric beaucoup.

Guinea - Sculpture Baga

Sculpture Baga - Statuette Matchuly Donge. Thanks again to Madeleine of Guinea.

Guinea - Malinke Mask

Malinke Mask - Malinke is an ethnic group that lives from the stretch from The Gambia to Ivory Coast including Guinea. Thanks to Madeleine of Guinea.

Nigeria - Zuma Rock, Abuja - My 10th Postcard

Yippee, this is my 10th written stamped postcard of Nigeria. Thanks to Ahmed for mailing from Nigeria. It shows the Zuma Rock, Abuja and printed by Nigerian Postal Service to celebrate COJA - 8th All Africa Nigeria Games in Abuja, Nigeria in October 2003.

Nigeria - Keke Marwah, Lagos

Keke Marwah is a local transportation introduced during Governor Marwah reigh in Lagos, Nigeria. Thanks to Ahmed for mailing from Nigeria.