Cambodia - Angkor Airways (AKW)

Angkor Airways (AKW) is a defunct airlines which ceased operation in 2008. Bought this postcard in Siem Reap, Cambodia in 2017.

Cambodia - Postcard Seller

I bought this postcard of a Cambodian girl selling postcards in Siem Reap with Siem Reap Post Office cancellation in March 2017.

USA - American Alligator

3D postcard of American Alligator Alligator mississippiensis. Thanks to Van of Virginia, USA.

1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games

Two wonderful postcards of Lillehammer 94 Winter Olympic Games. Thanks so much to Cottonwood of Idaho, USA. These are great addition to my postcard collection of Winter and Summer Olympic Games. They made my day!

Postcard 1
Olympic torch run in Norway.

Postcard 2
Norwegian Olympic Stamps.

South Korea - Dolsan Bridge, Yeosu

Dolsan Bridge, Yeosu, South Korea connects the island of Dolsan to the Yeosu peninsula. Thanks to Jiseong of South Korea.

Australia - King William Street Watercolor- Maxicard

Maxicard of 150 Years of Local Governmen t 1840-1990 Series showing 1885 watercolor by Edmund Gouldsmith, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. Thanks to Sharon of Eden, New South Wales, Australia.

Czech Republic - Flag

Flag of Czech Republic. Thanks to Marketa of Czech Republic.

Georgia - Ananruri Fortress

Ananuri Fortress, Georgia. Thanks to Khatuna of Georgia.

Myanmar - Andaman Club - Thahtay Khun Island

I went on a island snorkeling trip organized through Andaman Club near Khawthaung, southern Myanmar. Got this postcard from the Andaman Club reception and mailed through the hotel staff.

Bangladesh - Year of Rooster

Bangladesh postcard - feed the chickens. A great postcard for my Year of Rooster collection. Thanks to Azim of Bangladesh.

Postcrossing - China

Postcard received from China signed by China postcrossers. Xie xie.

EU - European Union Flag

Flag of European Union. Thanks to Liane of Germany.

New Zealand - Air New Zealand - 75 Years Anniversary

A set of 7 postcards of Air New Zealand 75 years (1940-2015). Thanks for Shawn for buying this set from Auckland Museum, New Zealand for my collection.

China - Chinese Script

A postcard with a paragraph written in Chinese characters. Thanks to X.W. of Chongqing, China.

Laos - Wat Xieng Thong, Luang Prabang

Wat Xieng Thong in Luang Prabang, Laos. Thanks to Wong of China who visited Luang Prabang in February 2017.

Germany - Country Flag

Germany flag. Thanks to Michelle of Germany.

Austria - Country Flag

Austrian flag postcard with nice stamps used. Thanks to Gudrum of Austria.

United Kingdom - Uniion Jack - Country Flag

United Kingdom country flag. Thanks to Kirsty of United Kingdom.

Indonesia - Equator Monument, Pontianak

Unusual shape postcard of Equator Monument, Pontianak, Borneo. Thanks to Ibrahim of Pontianak, New Zealand.

New Zealand - Royal Albatross

Royal Albatross, Otago Peninsula, Dunedin. DX Mail stamp used. Thanks to Ruth who visited the albatross breeding site at Taiaroa Head, Otago Peninsula, South Island of New Zealand.

Thailand - Lighthouse at Ranong

I visited Ranong, Thailand and bought this lighthouse postcard there. Saw this lighthouse really close when leaving the Andaman Club pier for Myanmar islands snorkelling trip.

Czech Republic - Tabor - Oval Shaped postcard

Oval shaped postcard of Tabor, Czech Republic. Nice stamp used. Thanks to Marie of Tabor, Czechia.