USA - Washington - Big Foot - 3D Postcard

3D Postcard of Big Foot, Washington - now you see it, now you don't - depending on the angle you look at this special 3D postcard. Thanks to Van for mailing from Washington State, USA.

Kosovo - Prizren - Sunset

Sunset over Prizren, Kosovo. Thanks to Suzanka of Germany for sending from Prizren, Kosovo.

Kosovo - Flag

Flag of Kosovo. Thanks to Suzanka of Germany who visited Kosovo.

Malaysia - Mount Kinabalu

Laban Rata of Mount Kinabalu. Thanks to Tan of Penang who climbed up Mount Kinabalu for the second time and mailed this postcard at Laban Rata with special cancellation.

China - Black and White Postcard

A black and white photograph of 1974 China postcard. Thanks to sender of Shanghai. No name of sender written on postcard.

Canary Islands - Los Molinos

Los Molinos, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands. Thanks to Luk of Belgium.

Philippines - Flags of the World

Flags of the World series of Philipppines. Thanks to Michele for mailing from Makati City, Philippines.

Switzerland - Bears

Bears. Thanks to YL for mailing from Berne, Switzerland. A great addition of my postcards of bears worldwide.

Bermuda - Somerset Bridge

Somerset Bridge is the smallest drawbridge in the world. Thanks to Michael of Luxembourg who visited Bermuda and mailed from Luxembourg and added a Bermuda stamp on the postcard too.

France - Icons of France

Icons of France. I bought postcard in Singapore, mailed to Catherine of France to have it mailed back to my address. Merci beaucoup Catherine.

Netherlands - Icons of Netherlands

I bought this postcard from Singapore, mailed it inside an envelope to Brenda of Netherlands to have it mailed back written stamped to me. Thanks Brenda.

Turkey - Nevsehir - Postcrossign Stamp

Night view of Nevsehir of Turkey with Postcrossing stamp used. Thanks to Comce of Turkey.

Hungary - Hajduszoboszlo

Hajduszoboszlo is a famous spa town in Hungary. Nice stamp of FINA Budapest 2017 used. Thanks to Judith of Hungary.

Russia - Match Box - Multiple

Postcard of match boxes. Thanks to Dima of Kransnodar, Russia.

Indonesia - Jawa Tengah - Maxicard

A maxicard of Jawa Tengah, a province in Java Island, Indonesia with a stamp inside stamp used. Thanks to Awhe of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

USA - Virginia - Orangutan of Virginia Zoo - 3D

Wow.. an awesome 3D postcard of orangutans in Virginia Zoo, Virginia, USA. This photo cannot capture the beauty of this 3D effect postcard - it has to been by a pair of naked eyes to truly appreciate it. Thanks so much to Van of Virginia, USA for this amazing postcard with nice stamps.

Russia - Pushkin Museum-Reserve

Extra long size postcard of Pushkin Museum-Reserve in Pskov, Russia for famous Russian poet ALexander Pushkin of Russian classical literature. Thanks to Lisa of Pskov, Russia. I like the set of 3 definitive stamps.

Malaysia - Malaysia Airlines - Boeing 747-400

Seven airplane postcards of Boeng 747-400 of Malaysia Airlines. Thanks to Angela of Kuching, Malaysia.

Transnistria - Cultural Palace, Tiraspol

Cultural Palce of Tiraspol, the adminsitrative capital of Transnistria. Transnistria uses Moldova stamp for international mailing. Thanks to Jan of Czech Republic who visited Tiraspol.

Netherlands - Year of Rooster

Beautiful rooster breeds postcard with Netherlands Year of 2017 Rooster stamp. Thanks so much to Mike of Netherlands.

Aaland - Mariehamm

Mariehamm is the capital of Aaland. Thanks to Susanna of Finland.

Singapore - Icons of Singapore

Icons of Singapore. Thanks to Loh of Singapore.

Indonesia - Rice fields in Bali

Rice fields in Bali, Indonesia. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France who visited Bali. A great addition to my rice planting themed postcard collection.