ASIA - Thailand - Year of Monkey

Postcard 1
I bought these postcards of Thailand monkeys and cancelled with 2016 Year of Monkey stamps on January 4, 2016 at a post office in Thailand. In southern Thailand, monkeys are trained to work as coconut pluckers.

Postcard 2
I also used Thailand 2004 Year of Monkey stamps which I have bought at Bangkok Stamp market.

Postcard 3
Another Thai monkey postcard that I bought .

Postcard 4
The Hindu Hanuman Monkey King God is also found in the murals of Thai temple.

Postcard 5
A coconut picking monkey in Thailand. Thanks to Ronald from Sweden who mailed from Pattaya.

Postcard 6 
A Thailand Monkey postcard that I bought in Phuket, Thailand during May, 2016.

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