Postcards of Joint ASEAN stamps

I am collecting postcards sent from different ASEAN countries using Joint ASEAN stamp and where possible, with a rice field theme as the logo of ASEAN is a stalk of rice - the common staple grain grown in ASEAN countries.

Postcard 1 - Myanmar
Nice postcard of Kachin using ASEAN stamp - thanks to Kath of Myanmar.

Postcard 2 - Thailand
I cancelled this postcard in a Thailand Post Office.

Postcard 3 - Singapore
Singapore Botanical Gardens - the first UNESCO World Heritage site inscribed in 2015. Thanks to Loh of Singapore.

Postcard 4 - Brunei
Thanks to Saedah of Brunei.

Postcard 5 - Vietnam

Postcard 6 - Malaysia
Cancelled in Penang, Malaysia and other places.

Postcard 7A - Indonesia

Postcard 7B - Indonesia

Postcard 8A - Philippines

Postcard 8B - Philippines

Postcard 9 - ASEAN Map
With Thailand Asean stamp.

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