Indonesia - Rice

Postcard 1
Indonesia - rice fields. Thanks to Shinta of Indonesia.

Postcard 2
Two Indonesian women carrying umbrella while herding ducks at the rice fields of Padang Panjang, Sumatra, Indonesia. What a beautiful set of fauna and flora stamps used with nice cancellation. Thank you so much for such a wonderful postcard to Shinta of Indonesia.

Postcard 3
Rice terraces in Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia. Four nice bird stamps used. Postmarked in Denpasar 12.12.12. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France.

Postcard 4
Elegantly sculptured rice terrace of the subak system in Tabanan, West Bali. Nice stamps used. Thanks to Shinta of Indoneisa.

Postcard 5
View from Iseh village of Gunung Agung, Bali.

Postcard 6
Rice terraces of Bali.

Postcard 7
Bali rice paddocks. Thanks to Lim of Malaysia who visited Bali, Indonesia.

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