Wanted: Greetings from (Postallove) Postcards, written stamped from country origin

UPDATED:  August 2, 2017
I  have collected 74 out of 80 countries of  "Greetings from" (Postallove)  that is written stamped and mailed from country of origin. Please include a sentence written in local language followed by English translation on the postcard itself.

Swap 1: I can send you GF Malaysia, GF Thailand to be mailed from country of origin.

Swap 2: I have blank GF postcard of Bermuda, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Moldova, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela.  I can send you a blank inside an envelope for you to mail back to me written stamped from country of origin. I will send you something you want in return for your help.

Seven missing countries - anyone can help me? Thanks. 

- Bermuda - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - Moldova - United Arab Emirates -Venezuela

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