Parking Coupon - Malaysia - Penang - Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang

I started my hobby of collecting unused prepaid scratch type parking coupons in Malaysia after this parking coupon system was introduced in Penang Island. As a driver, this is a great replacement over the old system of coin parking meters which often become faulty and parking ticket-parking attendant when often there was overcharging, wet tickets due to rain or not finding a parking attendant to pay. Initially, there was a lack of support of major outlets to sell parking coupons and the first batch of coupons were hard to scratch. Four languages are used: Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil. The logo of the private company administering the parking system is shown on the parking coupon. There is a change from Municipal to City status, used of more simple symbols, addition of GST in changes of the parking coupons over the past few years.

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