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Last Update: June 5, 2015

Sorry all Kinabalu UNESCO WHS postcards already traded.

Card: R-20 Multiple View (traded)
Kinabalu National Park is the first UNESCO World Heritage of Malaysia. It is the highest peak in Southeast Asia.

Card R-22 (traded)
Nice multiview of Kinabalu National Park. I bought this postcard in Sabah.

Card R-23 (traded)
Trekking trail up Mount Kinabalu. Kinabalu National Park.

Card R-24 (traded)
Mount Kinabalu - Donkey's Ears.

Card R-25 (traded)
Laban Rata is one of the rest houses on the trekking trail in Kinabalu National  Park. A must overnight stop before the 2nd day assault to the peak before sunrise. The peaks in the background.

; Melaka (Malacca) was founded in 1402 AD by a Sumatran Prince. Later it became the Malacca Empire before taken over by the Portuguese, then Dutch and later British. It's importance was as a spice entreport along the narrow Straits of Malacca joining the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Melaka was visited by the famous Chinese Ming Dynasty admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He). According to records, the Princess Hang Li Po with her contingent of Chinese maidens stayed at Melaka as one of the Sultan of Melaka's wives. Melaka was jointly listed with George Town as UNESCO world heritage cities in 2008.

Card: M-2 (1 available)
Jonker Street is the historic Chinatown of Melaka. This view is similar to the one used by the official UNESCO World Heritage gallery.

Card: M-4 (2 available)

Postcard: GA-1 (available)
UNESCO WHS - View of British colonial City Hall in George Town.

Postcard: GA-2 (available)
UNESCO WHS George Town. View of the British colonial City Hall with the current adminstrative tower (KOMTAR) in the background.

Postcard: GA-4 (available)
George Town UNESCO. Day view of Georgetown and harbour from Penang Hill.

Card: GA-3 (Available)
UNESCO WHS. Famous Kapitan Kling Mosque - in the historic zone of UNESCO George Town.

Card: GA-8 (available)
UNESCO WHS. Sri Mariamman Temple is one of the important religous landmark of the "Street of Harmony" in George Town UNESCO WHS zone.

Card: GA-9 (available)
Older view of George Town waterfront on the clan jetties. George Town WHS.

Card: GA-10 (available)
The Penang Harbour is part of UNESCO World Heritage core zone as George Town was established an English port in 1786.

Postcard GB-2 (available)
Cheong Fatt  Tze Mansion. George Town WHS.

Postcard GB-4 (available)
Night view of prewar houses in George Town World Heritage

Postcard: GB-5 (available)
Clan Jetties of George Town WHS

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