Thailand - Umbrellas

Postcard 1
Umbrella painting in Chiengmai. Thanks to Nutt of Chiengmai, Thailand.

Postcard 2
I bought this umbrella postcard in Chiengmai and cancelled it at Chiengmai Main Post Office in December 2015.

Postcard 3
Another umbrella postcard in Chiengmai.

Postcard 4
Nice umbrella multi-view showing Umbrella Dance of Chiangmai, Thailand. Thanks to Tossapol of Thailand.

Postcard 5
I visited Four Nations Stamp Exhibition 2017 held at EMQuartier, Bangkok in March 10-12, 2017. Cancelled this postcard of Hmong Tribe with umbrella with exhibition cancellations and mailed this postcard at the post counter in EMQuartier-Helix complex to my address.

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