Visit Malaysia Year 2014 - Penang Hill - Negri Sembilan Sri Menanti Museum - Johor Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque

Three wonderful oblong shape Visit Malaysia Year 2014 postcards. Thanks to Willa of Philippines who obtained these postcards from Tourism Malaysia exhibition counter in Philippines. Mailed with 3 nice stamps commemorating Filippino nationalist Andre Bonifacio.

Postcard 1 - Penang Hill Tram
Have been up Penang Hill several times using this new blue tram.

Postcard 2 - Negri Sembilan Royal Museum of Sri Menanti
I visited this museum which is the original royal palace of Minangkabau architecture built without a nail. But the souvenir shop there stopped selling postcards and so it is great to get this postcard.

Postcard 3 - Johor Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque
It is not easy to find a Johor postcard. A great addition to my mosque postcard collection too.

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