Wanted: Famous Museums Worldwide

I am looking for these specific top museums and other missing major museums - if you have, please send to me or swap with me.
? China  - National Museum of China, Beiji China
? Geological Museum of China, Beijing
? France - Centre Pompidou, Paris
? Greece - National Archaeological Museum, Athens
? Greece - The Acropolis Museum, Athens
? Japan - Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo

? South Korea - National  Museum of Korea, Seoul
? Taiwan - National Palace Museum, Taipei
? UK - National Gallery, London
? UK - Natural History Museum, London
? UK - The Science Museum, London
? UK - Victoria and Albert Museum, London
?  USA - National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

This is my postcard collection of museums worldwide of the top world's top museums
= Egypt - The Egyptian Museum, Cairo
= France - Le Louvre, Paris
= France - Musee D'Orsay, Paris
= Italy - The Uffizi Gallery,  Florence
= Mexico - Museo Nacional  d Antropologia, Mexico City
= Netherlands - Rijkmuseum, Amsterdam
= Russia - State Hermitage, Saint Petersburg
= Spain - The Prado, Madrid
= Spain - Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
= UK - The British Museum, London
= USA -  American Museum of Natural  History, New York City
= USA - Museum of Modern Art, New York City
= USA - The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
= USA - The Smithsonian Institute, Washington  DC
= Vatican City - The Vatican Museums

and Museums in Malaysia by States
= Penang State Museum
= National Museum, Kuala Lumpur
= Kuching Museum
= Sabah National Musuem, Kota Kinabalu
= Rice Museum, Kedah

and other museums, big or small, worldwide which are arranged by countries in alphabetical order.

Enjoy viewing. If you a have a postcard of a famous museum that is not found in my collection yet, please send to me or contact me for a swap. Thanks.

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