New Guinea - Shared Island - Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya (Indonesia)

New Guinea is the world's 2nd largest island. It is shared with western section by Indonesia as Irian Jaya province and the eastern section by Papua New Guinea. Historically, it was occupied by the Dutch, Germans and the British.

Postcard 1 - Papua New Guinea
An amazing map postcard of Papua New Guinea with national bird - Raggiana's Bird of Paradise. Nice triangle coral stamp used. Thanks so much to Jeannie of Papua New Guinea. Postcard was postmarked on Oct 14, 2009 and arrived in Penang on October 31, 2009.

Postcard 2 - Papua Barat, Indonesia
Map of Papua Barat (Irian Jaya) - Indonesian side of the New Guinea Island. Nice stamps including a Papua Barat stamp. Thanks to Shinta of Indonesia.

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