For trade: Malysia Map Postcards

Last update: April 2, 2015

Postcard: MAP-1 (8 available)
Map of Malaysia with Flags of all 13 States and Federal Territory.

Postcard: MAP-2 (6 available)
Map of Malaysia showing all 13 State Emblems and Federal Territory. 9 States of Malaysia has kings.

Postcard: MAP-3 (2 available)
Malaysia consists of two main parts: Peninsular Malaysia and the States of Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo Island.

Postcard: MAP-4 (2 available)

Postcard: MAP-5 (2 available)
Map with famous beaches of Malaysia

Postcard: MAP-6 (2 available)
Map of Peninsular Malaysia with famous mosques.

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