Quads - Malaysia - Negeri Sembilan

It is difficult to find a postcard of Negeri Sembilan and so not surprisingly I have 4 same postcard of this coastal view of Negeri Sembilan.

Postcard 1
Cancelled from "PP KOTA" - post office in Kota, Negeri Sembilan on the state emblem stamp.

Postcard 2
I put the wrong stamps, Terengganu state stamps. Anyway, got "SEREMBAN" cancellation.

Postcard 3
Finally, I put the correct stamps, Negeri Sembilan Yang Di Pertua stamps. Got "PUSAT MEL SEREMBAN" Cancellation this time.

Postcard 4
I was driving by Port Dickson in June 2012 and mailed this postcard there using Seremban Post Box stamp. Got "PUSAT MEL NASIONAL" cancellation.

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