For Trade: Malaysia - People - Culture

Last Update: Apr 2, 2015

Postcard: PD-1 (3 available)
Faces of different ethnic groups in Malaysia

Postcard: PD-3 (3 available)
Malaysian Chinese - read fans on sale for Chinese New Year

Postcard: PD-4 (5 available)
Malaysian Chinese Opera performed during festivals

Postcard: PD-6 (1 available)
Malaysian man weaving a rattan basket

Postcard: PD-7 (2 available)
Ethnic Sarawakian weaving traditional textile

Postcard: PD-8 (2 available)
Traditional batik using wax printing 

Postcard: PD-11 (2 available)
Malaysian Indian with traditional bird fortune telling

Postcard: PD-12 (2 available)
Malaysian Indian traditional "7-Eleven" store.

Postcard: PD-13 (1 available)
Malaysian Indian - Hindu vow fulfilled during festival

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