Hong Kong Disneyland

Postcard 1
Nice Hong Kong Disneyland postcard of Disney characaters taking a ride on the Double Decker Tram that runs along Central. A great addition to my Disneyland postcard collection. Thanks to Nicole of Hong Kong.

Postcard 2
Hong Kong Disneyland. Thanks to Maryam and family who visited this happiest place on earth.

Postcard 3
I have been to California Anaheim Disneyland many times but not to Hong Kong Disneyland yet. So it is great to get this Hong Kong Disneyland postcard to complete my Disneyland Worldwide collections. Thanks to Mary of Hong Kong.

Postcard 4
Hong Kong Disneyland - Grizzly Gulch Ride in Adventureland. Thanks to Maryam and Aiman who were enjoying HK Disneyland.

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