UTC+09:00 ASIA - Japan - Sunrise Sunset

Postcard 1
The sun over in Okinawa Island. Postage is US$0.75 of Camp Foster,Okinawa. Thanks to Carmen for sending it from the US postal office at Okinawa base.

Postcard 2
Setting sun and the West Pagoda of Yakushiji Temple, Nara. Thanks to Kenji-san of Japan.

Postcard 3
Sunrise at Mount Kinkeisan. Thanks to Kayu of Japan for mailing this postcard from Hiraizumi, Iwate, Japan.

Postcard 4
Setting sun. Received a beautiful set of Himeji Jo Castle postcards from Japan from Tajima-san.

Postcard 5

Tokyo Disneyland is a popular attraction where Mickey Mouse speaks Japanese in Chiba, just outside Tokyo on the way to Narita airport. Thanks to Yoshihara-san of Niigata who sent me this wonderful card.

Postcard 6
Sun rise at Futami Bay, Mie, Japan. I visited this famous site for sun rise over the lovers rock tied by a rope. Bought this unused postcard in Selangor, Malaysia in 2015.

Postcard 7
Okumotorigoe. Kumanokodo - a UNESCO World Heritage. Peace on Earth - nice minisheet stamp used. Thanks to Akiko-san of Japan.

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