UTC-06:00 NORTH AMERICA - USA - Central TIme Zone - Sunrise Sunset

Postcard 1 - Minnesota State
Sunset at Minnesota. Thanks to Springan of USA.

Postcard 2 - Kansas State
Sunset over the state of Kansas. A special shape postcard. Thanks to Lenore for sending this card from Wichita, Kansas.

Postcard 3 - Oklahoma State
Sunset in Oklahoma. Thanks to Van of  Virginia, USA.

Postcard 4A - Mississippi State - Missippi River
Sunset over Mississippi river from Tunica Queen Riverboat, Tunica, Mississippi. Thanks to Jim of Arizona, USA who was visiting.

Postcard 4B - Mississippi State - Gulf Coast
A glowing sunset view of the Gulf Coast Shrimper. Sent from Gulf Port, Mississippi. Thanks to Dave of USA.

Postcard 5A - Texas State - Galveston Island
Sunset at Offat's Bayou, Galveston Island, Texas. Thanks to Van of Virginia, USA.

Postcard 5B - Texas State - Gulf of Mexico
Sunrise at Gulf of Mexico. Thanks to Van of Virginia, USA.

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