Japan - Nara - Kamakura - Fukuoka

Postcard 1A - Nara
I visited Nara before. There are many large and beautiful Buddhist temples . The gigantic Buddha at Todai-ji Temple in Nara. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thanks to Noriko-san who mailed this beautiful card from Nara, Japan.

Postcard 1B - Nara 
A famous bronze Asuka Buddha in Hokoji Temple is Asuka, Nara, Japan. Thanks to Kenji of Japan. A fine addition to my postcard collection of Buddha.

Postcard 2 - Kamakura Buddha at Kamakura, Japan. I visited this awesome Buddha on a day trip from Tokyo by train.

Postcard 3 - Fukuoka
Collection of Buddha statues at Kanzeon-ji Temple in Fukuoka, Japan. Thanks to Sady for mailing from Fukuoka in Kyushu, Japan.

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