Taiwan - Taipei 101 - 509m

Taipei 101 with 101 floors, is the tallest building in the world from 2004 to 2010. Its design looks like a segmented pagoda and bamboo.

Postcards 1, 2, 3
Received three great postcards of Taipei 101 from Shinta of Indonesia.

Postcard 4
Nice postcard of Taipei 101 - once the highest building in the world. Thanks to KK Khor of Malaysia who was visiting Taipei.

Postcard 5
A beautiful night view of Taipei 101, Taiwan - once the highest building in the world. Thanks so much to YL and family.

Postcard 6
Thanks to Masako of Japan for sending this beautiful postcard. The stamp country name is "Republic of China" and postage is 12 New Taipei Dollars.

Postcard 7
Fireworks at Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan. This postcard was sent the Sky Box at 282 meters of Taipei 101 tower. Thanks to Reiner of Taiwan.

Postcard 8
Thanks to Michael of South Africa.

Postcard 9
Thanks to Hsu of Taipei.

Postcard 10
A color painting o Taipei 101. Thanks to Chuan of Taipei, Taiwan.

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