Wanted: Elephant postcards from native countries

I am collecting both African and Asian elephant postcards of countries that have or used to have wild elephant herds. I am not collecting elephant zoo or circus postcards.

Both Asian and African Elephants are such majestic creatures. If you can mail these Elephant postcards from countries origin and with elephant stamps so much the better. Thanks.

Last update: May 29, 2017

List of countries that I have already collected elephant postcards. Looking for missing countries:
** Looking for additional postcard - single view postcard showing elephant

- Cambodia
- India
- Indonesia **
- Laos
- Malaysia
- Singapore
- Sri Lanka
- Thailand

- Botswana
- Central African Republic **
- Democratic Republic of Congo
- Kenya **
- Namibia **
- Senegal
- South Africa **
- Tanzania
- Zimbabwe

Hope you can help to grow my list of countries. Do not buy ivory products. Save our elephants.

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