Italy - Fountains

Postcard 1
Fountain of the Ovato or Oval Fountain at Villa d'Este, Tivoli. I visited the Tivoli Gardens before and amazed by the many fountains and man-made waterworks there. Nice old Italy stamps used in the lira period. Thanks to Matteo of Italy.

Postcard 2
Trevi Fountain with the beautiful giant mythology sculptures here if you throw a coin backwards over your shoulder into the fountain, you will come back to Rome. I did but still have not gone back to Rome.

Postcard 3
Fountain at the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy

Postcard 4A
Fountains at Navona Square, Rome, Italy.

Postcard 4B
A different view of the fountains in Navona Square in Rome, Italy.

Postcard 5
Fountain in Boboli Garden - Amphitheater, Firenze, Italy. Thanks to Paolo of Italy.

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