AFRICA - Angola - Angolan

Angola has a population of 18 million. Main ethnic groups are Ovimbundu (language Umbundu) 37%, Ambundu (language Kimbundu) 25%, Bakongo 13%, and 32% other ethnic groups like Chokwe, Ovambo, Mbunda, Ganguela, Xindonga, mesti├žos (mixed European and African), Chinese, European. Leila Lopes, Miss Angola 2011, was crowned Miss Universe 2011.

An Angolan postcard showing the tribe in Lubango, Angola. Thrilled to receive this first postcard sent from Luanda, Angola. Nice stamps too. Mailed on on Apri 6, 2009 and arrived in Penang on April 28, 2009. Thanks so much to Jim of Norway. Appreciate the postcard very much.

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