Bridges - DESIGN TYPE - Arch Bridges

Postcard 1 - Bosnia and Herzegovenia - Visegrad Bridge
Visegrad Bridge on Drina River is a UNESCO World Heritage like the Mostar Bridge. Thanks to Sabrina of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Postcard 2 - South Korea - Seonimgyo Bridge, Jeju
Seonimgyo Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over the Cheonjeyeon waterfall or Seven Nymph waterfall in Jeju island, South Korea. I bought this postcard in South Korea.

Postcard 3 - Malaysia - Merdeka Bridge, Penang-Kedah
Merdeka Bridge (Independence Bridge) connects Kedah to Penang over Muda River. It is a tied arch bridge design. It was completed in 1957 when Malaya gained independence. Stamp commemorating the 50th Independence of Malaysia.

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