USA - Orlando Florida - Disney World

Orland Florida Disney World is the second and larger than the original Disneyland in California. So there is one Disneyland on both sides of America - Sunny California on the Pacific Coast and Sunny Florida on the Atlantic Coast.

Postcard 1
Hello from the gang from Magic Kingdom, Disney World in Orldando, Florida, USA. Thanks to Donna_In_India of USA.

Postcard 2
Great Disney World card sent by Silke of Orlando, Florida, USA.

Postcard 3
A multi-view of Disney World from Ann of Florida, USA.

Postcard 4
A wonderful Disney Florida postcard. Thanks to Donna of USA. A nice addition to my postcard collection of Disneyland worldwide.

Postcard 5
Haunted Mansion - a ride in Disney World Florida. Thanks to Chelsea of USA.

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