French Polynesia - Tahiti - Year of Dragon 2024

Map multi-view postcard of Tahiti, French Polynesia with 2024 Year of Dragon stamp with special cancellation. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France. Merci beaucoup.

USA - The 4th of July - Vintage Postcard

Nice vintage style postcard celebrating July 4th in USA. Postmarked July 3, 2024 TACOMA WA. Thanks to Van of USA.

Germany - Painting by Lyonel Feininger - Stadtiches Museum Braunschweig

Painting of Expressionis Germany-American painter Lyonel Feininger at Stadtiches Museum at Braunschweig, Germany. An interesting Koln stamp created by AI. Thanks to Dustin of Germany.


Germany - Euro 2024

Nice postcard of Euro 2024 with a matching Euro 2024 stamp with special cancellation. Germany is the host country for the 17th UEFA European Championship 2024. The champion for 2024 is Spain. Thanks to Dustin of Germany.

Germany - Berlin Tor with 2006 FIFA Football Prop

Nightview postcard of Berlin Tor with 2006 FIFA Football mailed from Berlin with Euro2024 stamp.Thanks to Dustin of Germany.


India - Santiniketan, Kolkata

Santiniketan near Kolkata, West Bengal is inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Thanks to KR Bhat of India.

Tajikistan - Old Fortress Gate of Hisar (Gissar)

Nice postcard of Old Fortress Gate of Hisar (Gissar mailed from Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Thanks to Gert of Sweden.

USA - Arizona - Oatman

Wonderful postcards of Oatman, Arizona. Thanks to Cottonwood of Idaho, USA.

Postcard 1
Ghost Rider Gunfighters of Oatman.

Postcard 2
The Elephant's Tooth of Oatman, Arizona.

Postcard 3
Gray Eagle Trading Post.

China - Canal Town

Post of a canal town in China - not sure which town? If you know, please email me at Thanks to Chen of Hainan, China.

Indonesia - Ulu Danu Bratan Temple, Bedugul, Bali

Visited this highland temple by the lake in June 2024. Mailed this postcard to myself from Denpansar Main Post Office, Bali.

Spain - Barcelona

Wonderful postcards of Barcelona, Spain. Thanks to YL of Singapore.

Postcard 1
Basilica de la Sacrad Familia, Barcelona by famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

Postcard 2
Casa Batillo and La Pedrera by Antonio Gaudi, Barcelona.

Postcard 3
Column of Christopher Columbus, Barcelona.

China - Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Thanks to Rao of Nanjing, China.

Malaysia - Singapore - 100 Years Anniversary of Causeway

I created this set of maxicards in Penang. Awaiting for maxicards created in Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


Malaysia - China - 50th Years of Diplomatic Relationship - Maxicards and Postcards

I created this set of maxicards in Penang and received the stamped postcards from China. Thanks to Ding Dang of China.

Tunisia - Big Ben Ali - Tunis

Big Ben Ali clock tower with fountain of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. An excellent addition to my postcard collection mailed written stamped from Tunisia. It is the 17th. Thanks so much to Jan of Czechia who was holidaying there.


Germany Porta Praetoria, Regensburg

Porta Praetoria is part of the Danube Limes UNESCO World Heritage site. Thanks to Dustin of Germany.