Namibia - Windhoek

Multi-view of Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France who mailed from Windhoek, Namibia in September 2018 but it took a long time to arrive in Penang island, February 2019 - at least it arrived safely.

France - Year of Pig

Postcard 1
Nice "Keep Calm" postcard series of Chinese New Year of Pig with 2019 Year of Pig stamp used. Thanks to Veronique of France.

Postcard 2
In France, pigs are used for to search for truffles. What a wonderful postcard for the Year of the Pig with a different Year of Pig stamp used. Made my day, thanks again Veronique of France.

USA - Pawnee-Otoe Indian Dancer

Two year old Pawnee-Otoe Indian Dance. Thanks to Arnold of USA.

Singapore - Nanyang University

An older postcard showing the former Nanyang University of Singapore. Thanks to Eddie of Singapore.

India - CSMV Museum, Mumbai

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (King Shivaji Museum) or formerly Prince of Charles Museum of Western India is the largest museum in Mumbai and represent the Indo-Saracenic architecture style in this Mumbai UNESCO core zone. Thanks to Sagar of Mumbai, India - received in February 2019.

Greetings from Algeria - Postallove Series

Greetings from Algeria. Thanks to Habid of Algeria.

British Antarctic Territory - Base N Anvers Island

Wow.. a nice postcard of Base N Anvers Island, British Antarctica Territory with clear cancellation at Port Lockroy on January 9, 2019 and arrived in Penang island on February 15, 2019. Thanks so much to Jan of Czech Republic.

Norway - Flags of the World

Flags of the World of Norway with an amazing selection of many Norwegian stamps used. I am overwhelmed and happy. Thanks to Gerlinda of Norway.

USA - California - University of California Irvine - Year of Pig

Finally I received this UC Irvine campus postcard that I have been looking for a long time. Earlier, I have already collected postcards of UC Berkeley, Los Angeles, Davis, Santa Barbara, Santa Diego. Nice 2019 Lunar Year of Pig stamp used. Thanks so much to Boyana of Los Angeles, USA.

Babylonian Script

Babylonian greetings in cuneform script to a man "May the gods keep you in good health for my sake forever". Thanks to Janine of Liepzig, Germany. Received February 2019.

Maldives - Beach Cottage

Beach Cottage of Maldives. Thanks to Uli of Austria who visited Maldives. Received in February 2019.

Australia - Year of Pig

Nice postcard of Australia Post of Year of Pig prepaid postcard with Christmas Island 2019 Year of Pig stamp. Thanks to Krystiina of Australia.

New Zealang - NZ Kunekune Pig, Auckland Zoo - Year of Pig

Kunekune Pig of Auckland Zoo. Year of Pig stamps used. Thanks to Marice of New Zealand.

Philippines - Year of Pig

Philippines year of pig stamps used on this colorful pig postcard. Thanks so much to Chloe of Philippines - salamat.

Slovenia - Year of Pig

Piglet with Winnie-the-Pooh postcard with Slovenia 2019 Year of Pig stamp and nice pig pictorial cancellation. Thanks to Mateja of Slovenia.

North Korea - Sonjuk Bridge, Kaesong

Historic stone bridge of Sonjuk Bridge, Kaesong UNESCO World Heritage site. I bought this postcard and stamps and have it mailed back to me from Pyongyang, North Korea.

North Korea - Mount Paektu - Baekdusan

Mount Paektu or Baekdusan with crater lake. I bought postcard and stamp and have it mailed from Pyongyang, North Korea.

North Korea - Snowy Mountains

Snowy mountains of North Korea. I bought postcard and stamps and have it mailed to my address from North Korea.

North Korea - Phyochungbi, Kaesong - Matching Stamp

Phyochungbi turtle steele with matching stamp mailed from North Korea. I bought postcard and stamp and have it mailed from Pyongyang.

North Korea - Year of Pig

North Korea - dragon sculpture of Manwol Pavillion of Kaesong UNESCO World Heritage Site. Year of Pig stamps used. I bought postcard and stamps and have it mailed to my address from Pyongyang, North Korea.

Canada - Year of Pig

Year of Pig postcard mailed with Canada 2019 Year of Pig stamp. Thanks to Josee of Canada.

New Zealand - Year of Pig

Nice postcard of Cape Reinga Lighthouse and Ninety Mile Beach in North Island, New Zealand, mailed inside envelope with a full set of New Zealand 2019 Year of Pig stamps. Thanks so much to Adrienne of New Zealand.

United Nations New York - Year of Pig

Nice multi-view postcard of New York City where United Nations of New York is located on 42nd Street. I have visited this famous UN location many years ago. Cool festive UN stamp of Year of Pig used. Thanks to Yue of New York, USA. Received February 2019.

Kazakhstan - Map

Colorful map postcard of Kazakhstan. Thanks to Sergey of Karanganda, Kazakhstan.