United Kingdom - Multiple postcard with King Charles stamp

A nice UK multiple postcard mailed with a King Charles stamp. Thank to Siti of Singapore.


Germany - Nebra Sky Disc, Halle State Museum of Prehistory

The Nebra Sky Disc is a Early Bronze Age, 16th-18th century BC, artifact showing astronomy. It was found in Nebra and being  exhibited in Halle Statee Museum of Prehistory, Germany. Thanks to Susanne of Germany.


Japan - Okinawa

A rustic landscape view of Okinawa of Japan. Thanks to Ryuuen of Japan.


United Kingdom - Stonehenge

I have visited Stonehenge before. A nice postcard with great stamps used. Thanks to Agnieszka of UK.


Netherlands - Postcards of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Two postcards of UNESCO World Heritage sites - thanks to Marloes of Netherlands.

Postcard 1
Schokland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Postcard 2
The Colonies of Benevolence of Fredericksoord, Netherlands is another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

USA - Arizona - Chloride

What a laugh! Rush hour in Downtown Chloride, Arizona - a very small town. Thanks to Cottonwood of Idaho, USA.


Thailand - Bangkok

Two postcards received. Thanks to Macc of Bangkok, Thailand.

Postcard 1 - Royal Palace of Bangkok

Postcard 2 - Temple of Dawn, Bangkok

Autralia - Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Thanks to Tanja of Brisbane, Australia.


Yemen - Socotra

Nice view self-printed postcard of Socotra, Yemen. Thanks to Patrick of Belgium who visited Socotra, got a Socotra tour agency cancellation on the postcard and mailed from Belgium postal service. So this postcard has been to Socotra, Yemen.


Armenia - Kecharis Monastery

Kecharis Monastery in Tsaghkadzor, outside Yerevan, Armenia. Thanks to Lara of Belgium.

France - Postcrossing Meet Up at Broceliande, France - May 11, 2024

A nice postcrossing meet up postcard at Broceliande, May 11, 2024. Nice stamp of Versailles used. Thanks to Karine of France.

USA - History Highway 66

Nice map postcard of Highway 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. Postmarked Las Vegas - May 13, 2024. Thanks to Van of USA.

United Nations New York City - Year of Dragon 2024

UN NYC Year of Dragon 2024 postcard with matching Year of Dragon stamp. Thanks to Jessica of USA.


South Georgia - King Edward Point

King Edward Point of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France.

Portugal - Batalha Monastery

14th century Batalha Monastery celebrates the victory of Portuguese army against the Spanish. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Arrived on May 2, 2024. Thanks to Joan of Portugal.

Iran - Palace of Ardeshir, Firuz Abad

Palace of Ardeshir, Firuz Abad, Iran. It is part of UNESCO World Heritage site of  Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region. Mailed March 27, 2024. Received April 30, 2024. Thanks to Boris.

Indonesia - TanaToraja, Southern Sulawesi

Traditional Tana Toraja ancestral buildings with its typical architectural roof. Thanks to Jean-Pierre of France. Received in April 29, 2024.

Philippines - Year of Dragon 2024

Year of Dragon stamped postcard from Philippines wwith special cancellation. Thanks to Chloe of Cebu, Philippines.

Romania - Year of Dragon 2024

Year of Dragon 2024 postcard and postmarked stamp of dragon. Thanks to Oxana of Romania.

Iraq - Holy Shrine of Al-Hussein, Karbala

The Imam Husayn Shrine is the mosque and burial site of Husayn ibn Ali, the third Imam of Shia Islam, in the city of Karbala, Iraq. Thanks to Essam of Iraq.

Germany - Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle

View of university plaza of Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle, Saxony, Germany. Thanks to Dustin of Germany. A nice addition to my postcard collection of universities worldwide.

Germany - Halle State Museum of Prehistory, Saale

A nice postcard of Halle State Museum of Prehistory, Salle, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Thanks to Dustin who visited this museum. A great addition to my postcard collection of museums worldwide.

Germany - Hamburg

Hammburg Port with matching stamp. I visited this location some years ago.Thanks to Dustin of Germany. Arrived on March 18, 2024.