Joint Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Hong Kong, China Local Food Stamp Oct 9, 2014 Issue - Matching stamp-postcard

The sale of stamps by Pos Malaysia was delayed to October 17, 2014. Here are some matching postcard-stamp-cancellation that I created for this issue for my own collection.

Postcard 1 - Malaysia - Satay

Postcard 2 - Hong Kong - Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Postcard 3A - Malaysia Satay
Thanks to Erica of Sabah.

Postcard 3B - Satay
Thanks to Matthew of Penang.

Postcard 4A - Malaysia Nasi Lemak
Thanks to Erica of Sabah, Malaysia.

Postcard 4B - Nasi Lemak
Thanks to Matthew of Penang.

Postcard 5 - Malaysia Must Try Foods

Postcard 6 - Malaysia - Sabah Famous Foods
Multi-view of Sabah famous foods. Thanks to Anny of Sabah, Malaysia.

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