Sweden - Svandammen - Uppsala

Svandammen - Swan Pond - is a famous man-made fishpond dating back in 1590 in Uppsala, Sweden. Nice Swedish stamp of modern "twisting" building called "Turning Torso". This is my 10th postcard sent from Sweden. Thanks so much to Ho & Pang.

Jamaica - Hedonism III Resort

Usually, I collect and receive view postcards. Occasionally, I get a card like this which is a breath of fresh air. Thanks so much to Ann of Florida for sending this card from Jamaica.

ASIA - China - Year of Ox

Postcard 1 - Jiangsu
A New Year Greeting card issued by China Post showing Bin Jian Zhong Xue School. Sent using prepaid Year of Rat stamp and Year of Ox stamp from Jiangsu, China.

Postcard 2 - Chinese New Year Greeting Card
Happy New Year 2009 Greeting Card from China with Year of Ox, Year of Rat, Year of Pig stamps. Wishing everyong "Kong Xi Fa Cai" and "A Happy & Prosperous New Year".

Postcard 3 - Ox Painting Postcard sent from Wuhan

2009 is the Year of the Ox. Famous Tang Dynasty painting of the "Five Oxen" by Han Huan. Beautiful stamps used and mailed from Wuhan. Thanks to Estrella. "Xie xie, gong xi fa cai, xin nian kuai le".

Papua New Guinea - Madang

Wow.... a postcard sent from Madang, Papua New Guinea. It was not easy to find a postcard in PNG. Nice frog stamp used. Thanks so much to Ziggy of Darwin who went to PNG onto a famous jungle trail.

USA - White House and USA Flag

The White House and American Flag with stamps of Homer and Marge Simpson. My thanks to Jennefer.

Canada - Vancouver - Winter Olympics 2010

Official postcard of Vancouver 2010 XXI Olympic Winter Games with nice Olympic stamps. Thanks so much to Karlie who was visiting Vancouver, Canada.

Peru - Colonial Facades

A colorful and cheerful postcard showing different facades of colonial buildings in Peru. Nice stamps of spider and fish. Thanks so much to Nancy who was visiting Peru. Muchos gracias.

Israel - Basic Hebrew

An amazing card introducing the Hebrew alphabets. Thanks so much to Michael of South Africa who was at the Israeli resort town of Eilat.

India - Qutb Minar, New Delhi - UNESCO

This is my first and currently only postcard of New Delhi. It is Qutb Minar, a UNESCO and famous tourist landmark. Really nice famous people stamps including former Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi. Thanks so much to Abhishek. Namatase.

USA - San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful American cities. A glowing aerial view showing the Market Street, the TransAmerica Pyramid Tower and the Oakland Bridge with Treasure Island. Thanks so much to Ruth who was visiting.

Serbia - Zemun of Belgrade

Zemun along the Danube is part of the city of Belgrade, Serbia. Nice stamp showing Kopaonik National Park. Thanks so much to Ana of Serbia.

ASIA - Hong Kong - Year of Ox

An incredible stamp mosaic postcard of the Year of Ox. Look carefully and you can see the many Hong Kong stamps making out the picture of the Ox. Nice Year of Ox stamp ($1.40 issue) and other beautiful bird stamps. Thanks so much to Carol of Hong Kong.

ASIA - Indonesia - Year of Ox

Postcard 1
Semarang is the capital of Central Java, Indonesia. "Kerbau" is the Indonesia word for "Ox". Thanks to Shinta for this great card and nice Year of Ox stamps from your hometown Semarang.

Postcard 2
Anoa is also known as midget buffalo, found in Sulawesi island, Indonesia. Thanks to Shinta of Indonesia for mailing this suprise postcard inside a cover of beautiful Indonesia stamps.

ASIA - Japan - Year of Ox

In Japan, the rat is called "nezuimi".

Postcard 1
I visited the famous Nikko National Park which is north of Tokyo and was amazed by the lake, highlands and waterfalls there.Thanks to April16 for this beautiful postcard of Kegon Falls in Nikko with another Year of Ox stamp. Arigatou gozamashita.

Postcard 2
Mt. Fuji - Snow capped mountain with yellow flower bloom. "Akemashite omedetou 2009" written on the card is the New Year Greeting on January 1. Nice stamps used with Year of Ox issue. Thanks to April16 of Japan.

ASIA - Macau - Year of Ox

Ruins of St. Paul, Macau. Earlier, I have requested from Bob to send me a postcard from Philippines with Year of Ox stamps which he kindly did. So when Bob went to visit Manila, he sent this postcard with Macau's Year of Ox stamps.

Wow... I am really happy to get this postcard as it completes the list of Asian countries that I have hoped to get with Year of Ox stamps, namely Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and finally Macau.

ASIA - Malaysia - Year of Ox

Nice suprise. Great Malaysian card with Chinese theme and a 2006 Chinese New Year (Tahun Baru Cina) stamp. Thanks so much to KK for sending this postcard with matching theme stamp from Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

ASIA - Philippines - Year of Ox

Beautiful postcard of the crater lake of Taal Volcano - a day trip from Manila, Philippines. Wonderful Year of Ox stamps! Thanks to Bob of Manila. Interesting to note that Philippines postmark ink is purple in color. Postmarked March 13, 2009 - arrived March 20, 2009.

Croatia - Dubrovnik - UNESCO

Nice multi-view of Dubrovnik, Croatia. On the postcard, there is a unique dolphin shape cut-out hole. Thanks so much to Mei who was visiting.

Ukraine - Lviv - UNESCO

Kornyat Tower of Lviv, Ukraine. This is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Three different stamps used. Thanks so much to Aleksandra of Ukraine.

Norway - Lyngor

Lyngor was voted Europe's best kept village in 1991. There 4 islands in the village. Matching stamp used. Thanks again to Catherine of Norway.

Norway - Tvedestrand

Tvedestrand is a small harbor town along the southern coast of Norway. Stamp used is a commemoration of Constitutional Day celebrated on May 17. Thanks so much to Catherine of Norway.